ITV Workshop

For any aspiring young film-makers out there based in or around Bristol, or further afield if you’re happy to travel, I can thoroughly recommend the ITV Production Skills Workshop, held at the ITV West Studios in Bristol. It’s a 2 hour session that takes place on a Monday evening for a 10 week term (so can easily be fitted in around work or any other courses you might be doing), teaching you all aspects of film-making from operating camera, to lighting, editing, script-writing and more. The course is taught by short film-maker Paul Dudbridge who is extremely talented and knowledgeable about the practical side of making films.

The course is a great way to learn and hone new skills, as well as meet some like-minded people! I actually got some of my first jobs through the workshop – and it also because of them that I met the production company with whom I am currently raising finance for my features!

Their site for more details is:

They also have a drama workshop so are a great way to hook up with actors for your projects!

To check out some of tutor Paul Dudbridge’s work, go to:

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