New short project

In the next couple of weeks I shall be going into production on a 2 minute short for the Virgin Media Shorts 2010 competition which draws to a close at the end of June. Bit of a tight deadline to adhere to but they’re only after 2 minutes so I’m confident we can deliver our final film by then!

The script, entitled “Brian the Bear”, has been written by Chris Marshfield and was actually done as part of his university course 2 years ago. The existing draft is a little longer than the run-time requires and also not PG-rated as competition rules demand, so we’ll probably cut two versions and keep one for other festival submissions.

When it’s finished and uploaded to the Virgin site I’ll be sure to add a link here for people to watch – if you like it, please vote for us as well!

I’m also looking to shoot another, longer short in July. More details on that soon!

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