The pitch!

Well – yesterday was certainly a first for me. Along with Jonathan Brown and Andrew Dymond from Lightworx Media, I travelled up to London to deliver a pitch to a room full of investors, to try and persuade them to hopefully cough up some dosh to put behind my next feature project “Thieves.”

I was pretty nervous but think I held it together okay during the actual presentation – reactions seemed to be positive and we had some nice feedback ( some positive, as well as some constructive critiscism, which was to be expected and quite welcome, given it was our first go). Interestingly one of the organisers of the event actually turned around and announced an interest in investing himself after we finished, which is good! Obviously though we never expected to have anyone commit to anything on the day, they’ll all want to go away and think about it/consult with their advisors etc…. so it’ll be at least a week or so before we hear whether anyone actually wants to get behind the project. Fingers crossed, but as always I’ll believe it when the money’s in the bank! Either way it was a good experience to go through – firstly seeing whether or not I could condense the plot of “Thieves” into an exciting pitch, without it just sounding like a generic action movie!

I can’t promise I did that successfully, but hopefully I sounded competent enough to impress at least a couple of them.

Watch this space…..

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