Location Scouting

Just secured the first location for my next short, “Brian the Bear” which is scheduled to shoot on the 20th June. I think it might just be one of the most accomodating locations I’ve ever spoken to – they’ve offered not only exclusive use of the venue, but they’ll dress our set for us too! Goes to show what a polite phone call can do. It’s also a good example that no matter your budget, never be afraid to think big with your settings – the scene in question could have easily been done hassle-free in someone’s front room, but obviously visually that wouldn’t be too interesting. The worst people can do is say no, and believe me some have – this wasn’t the first place I tried and a lot of people couldn’t help out on this occasion, but you keep trying and odds are sooner or later you’ll find someone more than willing to help out. As long as you’re clear with your intentions – a lot of people can be scared off when they hear “film shoot” because they instantly think of a huge crew, big trucks pulling up outside, and lots of heavy equipment being dragged through their location, so always be clear about what it is you want to do.

As for the rest of it we’re almost there – pretty much fully crewed up and cast, equipment lined up and all that – just need to get hold of some kids to fill the scene now! And they say never work with kids and animals…. Oh well, at least the animal in this case is an actor in a suit.

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