“Broken” latest

I had a great production meeting Saturday with writer Chris and my producer Paul Dudbridge for the short. We managed to get one of our trickier locations locked and it looks like possibly a second now too – so just one more to go! I’ve also been speaking to a composer in the last week about doing the score for the film.

We did some further refining on the script and actually ended up losing a character. It was someone who became an aid of sorts to our heroine, who helped her to reconnect with a “normal” life, but we ultimately realised it was stronger in earlier drafts when she began to overcome this struggle on her own – so we decided to return to that. We also decided to up the “grit” and to take things a little darker….

In the meantime, Paul has just uploaded the two commercials we worked on together in North Wales to his website, so take a look at those if you get the chance – Paul directed and I operated on both which we shot back to back.


I will also be shooting his next short “Maria”, which we’ll be doing just a week before we start on “Broken.” His film is a dark drama which revolves around a teacher and pupil who form an unusual friendship…

In other news, the US co-producer of my directorial debut feature (“SHANK”), produced by Bonne Idée Productions, Robert Shulevitz, will be coming over to work on the short, so I’m very excited to work with him again. We’ll also be getting together to discuss an exciting new feature project… so watch this space!

Finally, saw two very good films recently – so if you haven’t seen them yet I can highly recommend both “Buried” and Ben Affleck’s “The Town”.

More updates soon as we continue prep and begin rehearsals.

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