It’s a wrap!

Filming on “Broken” is complete! We shot for three very fast-paced days, completing 153 set-ups and 19 pages of script across 3 locations in and around Bristol. I want to say a huge thanks to the cast and crew who did an incredible job throughout – I couldn’t have done it without them!

The entire film was a great learning experience for me in terms of knowing your story and being economic with your shots, something that is so key as a director and something you can only learn through doing something like this. There’s two quotes that spring to mind, one is from Spielberg and the other I’m not sure, but they are “Kill your darlings” and “like your shots, not love them.” When you’re against the clock, both are very important to remember, you won’t always have the time to get what you want and so when the lights fading, or you’re about to lose the location, you need to be able to cut down your shot list and decide quickly how you can get what you need to tell your story in the least amount of time.

This weekend was a perfect example of that for me, we were constantly pushed for time, and it was a lot to get in a tight schedule, so I constantly needed to be aware of what I needed to tell the story and also to make it work in the edit. For instance, first thing Friday morning we were shooting in a closed pub, and unfortunately due to I guess a miscommunication on my part, the pub had not anticipated the numbers of crew and scale of equipment we were using so asked us to wrap up early. We had three key scenes to shoot in there and had we missed anything we would not have had a chance to pick it up later – so I had to quickly look at the shot list and script and decide how we were going to get what we needed in the hour or so we had left, which I think we just about pulled off! This was of course also a testament again to the crew who worked so hard to move so quickly between set-ups, and also the cast who delivered every time despite the pressures.

This also showed that rehearsals can be so key – I guess that may seem obvious to some, but it was something I hadn’t done a lot of before on my films, mainly because my background is that much more technical so I tended to focus more on shots and the camera, but also because the films were done on such a small scale that we would shoot on odd week-ends and just work on performances as we shot them. For this film though, we couldn’t have done so much so quickly had we not rehearsed, blocked and staged each scene beforehand.

It’s why I wanted to shoot such a performance-driven film as it was a new challenge for me as a director.

I shall be hiring a Digi-deck and capturing the rushes in a couple of weeks and shall post some pictures from the shoot soon too. I can’t wait to start the edit!

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