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Coming right off the back of Paul Dudbridge’s shoot for his new short film “Maria” over the weekend, the three day shoot for my own short “Broken” is rapidly approaching! I’ll be using much of the same crew, including director of photography Roger Pearce, with Paul operating camera, as I did for his, as well as producing.

I had my last rehearsal with the actors on Monday and am currently in a last minute scramble to secure all the final bits and pieces we need for the shoot, whilst also working on an intensive edit at Bristol-based Icon Films for two One Show films.

Ahead of a fight choreography session in London on Thursday, I just have a few extra props left to source and unfortunately now also a location for the climactic scene!

The sequence in question raised some concerns with both the Bristol Film Office and local police, due to its violent and graphic nature, who ultimately denied us permission to shoot in our chosen location, so I am now frantically recce-ing alternatives to find a suitable replacement! Nevertheless, experiences like this are what film-making is all about so I’ve not been discouraged! Only two days to go but I’m sure it’ll be fine……

Paul’s shoot went very well and you can find more details on his movie at We shot for 3 days around Bristol, including locations in Easton, Fishponds and Bradley Stoke. Highlights included a great looking night shoot on the Friday evening in Fishponds, and also shooting a violent scrap in a school canteen full of extras.

It only made me look forward to shooting mine even more, Paul’s certainly set the bar high and one thing I will always enjoy about shooting/working on any film project is the camaraderie that develops between cast and crew – you certainly do miss it after just three days. I’m glad we get to do it again so soon.

Pics and details of the shoot coming soon!

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