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The first still….

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

As I embark on the edit for “Broken” this weekend, I thought I’d post this first picture as a bit of a tease. I’m going to try and put a trailer up by christmas, but we shall see how it goes!

This picture shows lead character Sarah (Lucy Harvey), forced to defend herself against a vicious pair of drug dealers when she rushes to the aid of an old school friend in the film’s climax……

You can see the stills camera is struggling with the low light a bit – but I assure you the in-camera footage looks flawless! And if you look carefully on the left-hand side, you can see Roger Pearce’s (our DP) poly board creeping in as he bounces some light onto Lucy from the fluorescent light above. We did have a battery powered HMI with us, but the two batteries we had for it both lasted about 40 minutes, so given we were filming for about 6 hours in that car park, we had to improvise somewhat! Car headlights in strategic locations also came in very handy….

More behind the scenes and cast shots to come!

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