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February 2011

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Post-production on Simon’s latest short “Broken” is almost complete. The film has been graded and is currently in the hands of composer Kevin D. Hoover who is working on the score (

Simon is currently also prepping for his next short, “Intruder”,  which he also wrote and is set to shoot in March. Filming will take place at the Bottle Yard in Bristol.

“Broken” wraps up, “Intruder” gathers pace….

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Post-production on “Broken” is almost complete as I prepare to cut some final key shots into the movie, which were completed this weekend, ahead of the grade which is coming up in a weeks time. Inevitably when you’re working to such a tight schedule on a film, some small, seemingly insignificant pieces can be forgotten or missed during production – such as close-ups of a mobile phone, or even a person’s hand – as was the case for us! So, this weekend a small number of the crew and cast re-convened in Bristol to complete these final shots, as well as record some important ADR needed for the final sound mix.

Here you can see us filming our phone close-up (supposed to be on the bar of a pub), complete with our elaborate lighting set-up!

DP Roger Pearce lines up the shot and Paul Dudbridge fills in on sound, as Lucy Harvey (Sarah) makes sure her phone hits its mark!

And here picking up a cutaway of an actress’s hand, in actual fact with our script supervisor kindly stepping in to double, as our actress was unavailable – hopefully no-one will ever know…..

DP Roger Pearce (far left) adjusts the lighting, as Paul Tonkin (Neil) and Lionelle Gallopa pose for the shot.

Sometimes you can also notice during the edit that narratively the film might be missing an important shot or beat that wasn’t immediately obvious on set or during the script stage – so it becomes necessary to go back and shoot this later. In this case, I actually felt we needed an alternate closing shot for our movie so we returned after dark to the NCP car park where we shot the movie’s climax and got our shot (as well as possibly a few extras…. well, we were there with the actors and the camera, so what the hell?)

On top of this, pace is gathering fast on the next short “Intruder”, after some fantastic auditions last night in Bristol for the film. A big thanks to all those who attended, the cast is almost complete and looking great – I can’t wait to start shooting. More to come on that one soon as we’re looking to shoot around the end of the month.

“Broken” this week will also be going off to composer Kevin Hoover, based in the States, to get to work on the films score. You can hear a small sample of his work by checking out the films trailer.

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