July 2012

Simon’s latest short “Intruder” has just been accepted into the 8th Annual Action On Film International Film Festival in California, where it will screen this August. Congratulations to all the cast and crew of the film, hopefully this is the first of many!

“Intruder” is a 20 minute action thriller, about a desperate father who sets out to commit a robbery, and instead makes a more shocking discovery…

You can watch the trailer for the film here:


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Meet the heroes of Judas Ghost. From L to R, Simon Merrells as Mark Vega, Martin Delaney as Jerry Mackay, Lucy Cudden as Anna Gilmour, and Alexander Perkins as Ian Calder. Together they form the ghost finders, an elite team of paranormal investigators working for the covert organisation The Carnacki Institute.

They don’t take any shit from the hereafter.

May 2012

Post-production is currently under-way on Simon’s second feature film, “Judas Ghost”, written by New York Times Best-selling author Simon R. Green. Simon has completed an off-line edit at [email protected] in Bristol, and the film is now in the hands of Peerless Camera Company, based in London, who are handling the film’s VFX sequences. Peerless’ credits include “Green Lantern”, “My Week with Marilyn” and “Casino Royale.”

The off-line edit was done using Final Cut Pro 7. The final grade and sound mix is set to take place in September this year.

Simon is now developing a new short project to shoot in August. More details on that to come soon. Remember for the most up-to-date info you can follow Simon via his twitter feed, which is @cbaproductions.

Judas Ghost

Simon begins shooting his second feature, “Judas Ghost”, on Monday 27th February. He will be blogging from set through the 18 day shoot and for the most up to date info you can follow him on twitter via @cbaproductions.

Counting down…

So, it’s been a while since I’ve made an entry to this blog (as I’m sure great hordes of you had noticed), so I thought it was
probably time for an update….
Well I’m just under a week away from starting production on feature number 2! “Judas Ghost” is a supernatural horror which will
be shot entirely on stage. The film is set within a single location and features only four members of cast. This presents an
interesting challenge visually as we have to maintain atmosphere and tension for 90 minutes within the same four walls. A
brilliant example of this is in Sidney Lumet’s film “Twelve Angry Men”, with Henry Fonda.
Tackling horror is also a new and exciting challenge for me, as I’ve always been intrigued by the notion of trying to make
something scary for an audience – whilst at the same time having to view it on set, so broken down into individual shots and
moments, with no music or sound being added until later, two things which are so key to effective examples of the genre. In many
ways it’s no different than creating effective drama or action I suppose – but, like comedy, to me it’s always seemed more of
a challenge. I guess I shall find out soon enough!
I have a great cast on-board who I’ve been working with in rehearsals this week, a part of the process that is more key than
usual given the single setting, as every member of cast will be on camera for the entire time.

From L to R: Lucy Cudden as team telepath Anna Gilmour, Martin Delaney as team leader Jerry Mackay, Simon Merrells as former Ghost Finder Mark Vega & Alexander Perkins as tech wizard Ian Calder

Finding a cast capable of taking on such a challenge was thanks to the support of Dowling Erdely casting agency, based in London,
who came on board the film in December last year. It was my first time working with a casting director and an extremely good
experience. Initially we had tried to cast the film ourselves, as I had always done previously, but we had almost 1000 responses
to our initial casting call and going through them all individually was just so time consuming, not to mention the process of
trying to set up auditions, and given the amount of pre-production needed we just couldn’t do it ourselves in the end.
Final auditions were set up through Dowling Erdely for the end of January and the decisions were made on cast just last week.
As we continue to rehearse our way through the script, set construction is underway, as well as last minute sourcing of some key
Below are a few hints at what’s to come:

Our set.... in miniature!

The Judas hand! Our titular villain starts to take shape.....

A sculpted mock-up provides basis for the final prosthetic design, which will be produced by Mattes & Miniatures at Bray Film Studios

I’m going to blog from the set as much as possible over the next three weeks. We shoot for 18 days, a tight schedule for 84
pages of script, but one that should be manageable given our setting. Obviously being in studio we don’t have some of the same
concerns that might normally plague a film-shoot such as bad weather or fading daylight.
One part of the process I’m a little anxious about and which I’m sure will have the most affect on our schedule is the large
amount of VFX required. It will again be my first time working with them on this scale, so it’ll be interesting to see
how that goes. Thankfully we have a great FX team on-board in the shape of Peerless Camera Company, so I look forward to
working with them and am sure I shall learn a lot from the process!
For more info on the film itself, check out the projects page!
More soon……
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