Judas Ghost (2013)

“The film is slick, fast-paced, stylistic and intense…. Bookmark Simon Pearce for the future so you can smugly say you knew before anyone else did!”
– Laura Graham, Close Up Film

“There is plenty in Judas Ghost to keep horror fans on their toes. As far as low budget, independent horror films go, this one raises the bar.”
– Lizzie Duncan,

“Judas Ghost is a stylish, non-stop shocker of a ride! More than enough blood, special effects, crafty camerawork and suspense to satisfy film fans of multiple genres. This little indie horror packs a big punch in the scary corner.”
– Henrick Vartanian, Brave New Hollywood.

“A gorgeous movie based on simple tricks of perception and tons of atmosphere. There is something to be said for a return to simple filming, a ghost story with *gasp* atmosphere and plot to back it up, not jump scares but soul shrieks instead. This movie is like that, which is not only amazing, it’s incredibly difficult to pull off.”
– Alicia Glass, That’s My Entertainment.

“The horror genre has passed me by lately. But there’s one fantasy horror movie that recently grabbed my attention and dragged me into a dark room, Judas Ghost. Since seeing it, my faith has been restored. A viewing experience so wonderfully unsettling, it reminds you of exactly what a good horror movie should do. In a nutshell, it’s horrible. Mission accomplished.”
– Chris Dickins, The Dicko Show.

“Director Simon Pearce paces the action well, balancing scares with story in a way that lets the characters develop fully… Evokes some of the best qualities of The Twilight Zone.”           – Ben Johnson,

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And all that set-up with Oceanside just to have them turn up for 10 seconds and get Tara out of a situation she see…

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