Shank (2009) Press Reviews

“Pearce whips a savvy script into a riveting tale of the highs and lows of a new techno generation who crave sensation at any cost. Undergirding this very authentic urban nightmare is a sense of British class violence dating back to Dickens.”
– David Lamble, Frameline 33 Film Festival.

“The director – a talented 21 year old with a bright future – bravely acknowledges with this slice of life drama that on Britain’s sovereign ring estates, boredom, anger and drug dealing only occasionally give way to ambition and love.”
– Justin Postlethwaite, FILMSTAR.

“21 year old British Director Simon Pearce has taken the bildungsroman, held it up against the wall and punched its face in!”
– P. Scott Cunningham, Miami New Times.

“‘Shank’ is exceptionally technically accomplished and directed with breezy confidence by 21 year old Simon Pearce, who makes excellent use of his Bristol locations.”
– Robin Askew, Venue Magazine.

“Handled with conviction & sophistication”
– Ben Walters, Sight & Sound.

“First time director Simon Pearce, at a mere 21 years of age, has produced a startling film that exposes the dingy underbelly of contemporary life in the UK. Explicit, raw and moving, “SHANK” lingers long after the credits have rolled.”
– Karen Rutter, Cape Times.

“The real revelation here is 21 year old director Pearce, who with his first film creates a fresh and provocative atmosphere that focuses on the characters while allowing us to feel the fierce, emotionally charged world they live in.”

“This is as exciting and urgent as street-level filmmaking gets!”
– Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall.

“The most thrilling, terrifying coming-out story you’ll have seen in years, welcoming debut director Simon Pearce and his team of unknown actors as explosive new talents.”
– Andrew Copestake, Gay Times.

“What’s even more impressive is that it comes care of such a young director, Simon Pearce, 21, who shows a surety and clear-headedness that many a seasoned pro would envy. This is a piece of work to be seriously proud of.”
– Stephen Beeny, Gaydar Nation.

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Simon is now in pre-production on his next project – the short action/thriller “Officer Down”. Set amidst a divided country, with fear and civil unrest at it’s peak, the topical and pulse-pounding film tells the story of a young British police officer, Alex Trent, who must overcome his fears and bias to save an enemy that […]

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