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“Horizon” (Web Series) (2015-2017)

Starring: Paul Tonkin, Kate Davies Speak, Alicia Ancel
Written by: Simon Pearce, Paul Dudbridge, Chris Marshfield
Directed by: Paul Dudbridge & Simon Pearce

Run-time: 62 mins (Series 1) 107 mins (Series 2)

“H.G. Wells would have approved” – Starburst Magazine

Synopsis: Everything is about to change.

The lives of five people are forever changed when a mysterious alien ship appears on the skyline over the city of Bristol in the UK. It's intentions unclear, the disparate group attempt to flee the city and reach loved ones, but their efforts are impeded by a city in panic, looters, and the threat of military attack. As they battle to stick together, loyalties and relationships are tested, and an even larger question remains: who are these mysterious visitors and why are they here?

Debuting online in 2015, Horizon is a two season science fiction web series, comprising of 20 short episodes. Simon co-produced, co-directed and co-edited Horizon along with director Paul Dudbridge. 

The series has now also been condensed into a single feature film for international markets, and is represented by Henry Gagnon Distribution.


Best Science Fiction Series – HollyWeb Film Festival
Best VFX – Hollyweb Film Festival
Best Sound Design – Bilbao Web Festival

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