I Am the Doorway

I am a huge Stephen King fan and a snob when it comes to adaptations of his work, but this film exceeded my expectations… Excellent directing and acting coupled with believable effects made for a great film. The final scene sends a shiver up your spine.Anthony Petro,

One hell of a somber, grim, and ultimately intriguing sci-fi yarn. Presented with style, dripping with space pus, and acted superbly, Simon Pearce’s adaptation of this classic King tale is one not to miss!

Simon Pearce is a director on the move. The film is beautifully done, both in it’s performances and direction. This is an adaptation I feel blessed to have

Simon Pearce delivers a pitch-perfect adaptation of Stephen King’s I Am the Doorway. Pearce, who directs from a screenplay written by Richard A. Becker, Wendy Lashbrook, and Jeffrey Stackhouse, tackles the mysterious and terrifying story with a carefully cultivated tension that slowly draws the audience into its snare. He seems to ask the viewer again and again to decide whether Arthur’s tale is true, or the delusions of a man broken by the circumstances of his fall.Waylon Jordan, iHorror

Judas Ghost

“Judas Ghost is a stylish, non-stop shocker of a ride! More than enough blood, special effects, crafty camerawork and suspense to satisfy film fans of multiple genres. This little indie horror packs a big punch in the scary corner.”
Henrick Vartanian, Brave New Hollywood. 

“Judas Ghost is absolutely unpredictable… It doesn’t follow the typical plot structure of any horror film I’ve seen and kept me on my toes for the remainder of my viewing” – Horror Society

“Much like 1987’s Prince of Darkness, this film takes a rather ordinary place and turns it into a terrifying, supernatural Catch-22.”
Tracy Allen, Cryptic Rock.

There is plenty in Judas Ghost to keep horror fans on their toes. As far as low budget, independent horror films go, this one raises the bar.
Lizzie Duncan,

“Judas Ghost is a surprising, multi-dimensional horror film” Cinema Jam

Director Simon Pearce paces the action well, balancing scares with story in a way that lets the characters develop fully… Evokes some of the best qualities of The Twilight Zone.  – Ben Johnson,


“"Shank" is a good movie because it's original. It doesn't explore a teen falling in love with his friend, it isn't a tender love story or "coming of age" tale. It explores the dark, alluring, and seedy side of being in the closet, homophobia, and consoling the two.”
Christian Cintron, Edge Media

The director – a talented 21 year old with a bright future – bravely acknowledges with this slice of life drama that on Britain’s sovereign ring estates, boredom, anger and drug dealing only occasionally give way to ambition and love.
Justin Postlethwaite, FILMSTAR.

21 year old British Director Simon Pearce has taken the bildungsroman, held it up against the wall and punched its face in!
P. Scott Cunningham, Miami New Times.

"Shank’ is exceptionally technically accomplished and directed with breezy confidence by 21 year old Simon Pearce, who makes excellent use of his Bristol locations.
Robin Askew, Venue Magazine.

Handled with conviction & sophistication.
Ben Walters, Sight & Sound.

First time director Simon Pearce, at a mere 21 years of age, has produced a startling film that exposes the dingy underbelly of contemporary life in the UK. Explicit, raw and moving, “SHANK” lingers long after the credits have rolled.
Karen Rutter, Cape Times.

The real revelation here is 21 year old director Pearce who, with his first film, creates a fresh and provocative atmosphere that focuses on the characters while allowing us to feel the fierce, emotionally charged world they live in… This is as exciting and urgent as street-level filmmaking gets!
Rich Cline, Shadows on the Wall.

The most thrilling, terrifying coming-out story you’ll have seen in years, welcoming debut director Simon Pearce and his team of unknown actors as explosive new talents.
Andrew Copestake, Gay Times.

…What’s even more impressive is that it comes care of such a young director, Simon Pearce, 21, who shows a surety and clear-headedness that many a seasoned pro would envy. This is a piece of work to be seriously proud of.”
Stephen Beeny, Gaydar Nation.